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Wines to pair with traditional dishes

Everywhere the recipes of our culinary tradition triumph on the laid tables.

If your lunch will be based on meat dishes, you certainly can't go wrong with a red wine.


Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino and . given the special occasion why not, a Brunello di Montalcino Riserva

will make your lunch or dinner an unforgettable moment


The essence of our land in a bouquet of emotions.


Your "Shop" Online ... Close to the Producers

Montalcino is a lifestyle, my lifestyle definitely!! 

The curiosity, the passion for my territory have given me the opportunity over the years to taste many local wines and products, but above all they have made sure that I can spend moments of confrontation with local producers and small local artisans.

All this has allowed me to draw a "map of emotions" within a territory that has so many to propose Montalcinoofficialstore, puts at the center small "artisans of the earth" who create high quality products giving value to the traceability of the material, sustainability, seasonality and respect for traditions

Small "artisans of the earth" who would otherwise find it difficult to find space on the shelves of large-scale distribution. Montalcinoofficialstore helps you to "discover" them by telling you the territory and the story of the men who have made Montalcino "prestigious" all over the world.

This is what I want to share with you!

Brunello di Montalcino

The most famous Italian wine in the world… the most dreamed of, the most loved.

One of the symbols in the world of wine for balance and maturity. A wine to try at least once in a lifetime

Special Occasion

Treat yourself and give the best wines and typical products of Montalcino and Val d'Orcia

A bottle of wine is a classy gift suitable for different occasions. Giving wine means giving an emotion !!

The "Artisan Of The Hearth"

Find out where excellence is born!
With well over 250 producers present in Montalcino, it is perhaps impossible to think of knowing them all ... but if you wanted to do it ..., it is a useful undertaking and time well spent !!

Nadia's Wine Club

NADIA'S WINE CLUB was designed to give unique emotions, share the passion for this land and reveal the secrets of its great food and wine tradition

NADIA'S WINE CLUB gives you the opportunity to bring the wonderful wines and typical products of Montalcino directly to your home: from the producer to the consumer !!

Belonging to NADIA’S WINE CLUB means being able to stay close, even if physically far away, to the world of natural beauty that surrounds Montalcino and the Val d'Orcia, but also being able to access a series of benefits and discounts that only you can have!

Quality and convenience come together!

Your personal Wine Shopper

We are at your disposal to guide you in your choices.

Do you want to prepare a lunch or dinner with genuine Km0 products? Do you have to organize a dinner and you don't know which wine to pair? Have you been invited to dinner at a friend's house and want to make a good impression? Are you approaching the world of wine and want someone to help you figure out which ones are best for you? Do you want advice from someone who talks without using too complex terms?

Are you an expert but would you like to meet small producers unknown to you?

Call us, we are here for you

Selection Of The Month

Chosen For You

Choose A Label And ... Live An Unforgettable Experience !!

Drinking wine is a 360° sensory experience, but drinking the same wine accompanied by those who produce it is a unique experience!!

The winery, is certainly the most suitable place to learn about one of the excellent products of Made in Italy A visit to the cellar allows you to immerse yourself in the authentic traditions of the territory, get to know the producers, feel the aromas of the wine that change during the 4 seasons and finally taste a glass of history, inside the location that best suits that represents the wine traditions  of Montalcino. 

For all those who make a purchase in our store, a 20% discount will be applied on all experiences to be "lived" on the territory of Montalcino. 

Montalcino is waiting for you. Find out what you can do!! 

Are you a lover of wine and good food?

Join the community of wine lovers

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