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Mastrojanni has been writing history with its wines since 1975, collecting awards from all over the world.

Today, thanks to an exceptional terroir and men who have believed in it, Mastrojanni has become one of the most respected Montalcino producers.

These lands have been poorly populated and poorly cultivated throughout the history of humanity: the land was therefore virgin, clean, without any form of pollution. It was here that lawyer, Gabriele Mastrojanni bought the San Pio and Loreto estates and decided to plant his first vineyards. Right from the very start he knew that a land as difficult as this would be generous when it came to quality. Mastrojanni wanting to make a fine Brunello planted Sangiovese.

So in a short time the estate built up its world famous reputation for excellent quality. The wines were elegant, clean, highly scented and aged offering fantastic new aromas. The selection of the grapes was carried out on a number of occasions in the vine itself throwing to the ground the less ripe, or less attractive clusters or those which showed signs of over-ripening due to being exposed to too much sun or due to the tiredness of the plant. This type of careful and meticulous crop thinning is still carried out today towards the end of August. After that an initial harvesting takes place of the more prematurely ripe clusters for immediate vinification: Since 2008 all grape clusters undergo a further selection on a selection belt, where  people choose cluster by cluster eliminating those final defects. In this way the certainty of only making wine from healthy and perfectly ripe Sangiovese grapes is ensured and guaranteed.  

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