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Wildflower honey

As the name suggests, this honey is made from different types of flowers, therefore rich in different pollens. Characterized by a color that varies from pale to strongamber, an aromatic fragrance that depends on the dominant flower type, with a delicate flavor.

This is a perfect honey to taste, or use as an ingredient for desserts.

Properties: Energizing, liver cleansing, antioxidant, antibacterial, it stimulates the intestine and digestive system, and improves circulation. When use dexternally, it is excellent to nourish both hair and skin.

Combinations: Excellent in coffee and milk, on biscuits, in yogurt, on ice cream, in fruit salads, with cheese, and in salads.

Conservation: Conserve the product far from directsunlight and sources of heat, in a cool dry place, avoiding major changes in temperature.

Wildflower honey

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