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Liqueurs and Distillates

“Grappa, bitter liqueur or Limoncello?”

liqueurs or distillates: they’re both alcoholic beverages, but the procedure for obtaining them is very different.

a liqueur is an alcoholic drink that is obtained by mixing a pre-existing alcohol base with water, sugar, aromas (herbs, seeds, flowers, fruits, roots…) and possibly colorings (such as caramel, for example). They can be obtained by maceration (infusion) or distillation of an alcoholic infusion.

a distillate, on the other hand, is an alcoholic drink obtained from the distillation of fermented vegetable matter. After distillation, which takes place in stills of different structure, the distillate is brought to the desired gradation by diluting it with water.

Among the distillates the ones that stand out are those based on grapes and its derivatives: grape marc (the solid part, so theskin and seeds), must and wine.

From the grape marc: grappa

From the must: grape spirit,  Ouzo (with anise)

From the wine: cognac, Armagnac, brandy, Pisco

Liqueurs and Distillates

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