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Eucalyptus honey

Honey made from Eucalyptus leaves, whichblooms in July and August.

Characterized by a compact consistency, a color that varies from amber to gray, an intense and balsamic perfume, with a strong flavor, not too sweet or sour.

Thanks to the essential eucalyptus oil it has a strong efficacy against different bacteria and viruses.

Properties: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, fluidizing, antibacterial, perfect against respiratory diseases.

Combinations: accompanying tastier cheeses such as parmesan, aged and leancheeses, added to natural white yoghurt, with strong tea, for example based on cinnamon or ginger.

Combinable also with first and seconddishes of fish and vegetables simply prepared, and with some soups.

Conservation: Conserve the product far from direct sunlight and sources of heat, in a cool dry place, avoiding major changes in temperature.

Eucalyptus honey

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