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Mulino Val d'Orcia


Imagine a grain you have placed with attention, kept warm, two or three centimeters underground and all around millions of other grains. Imagine seeing it sprout, grow and become a tall and golden ear. Now imagine harvesting it with your hands and bringing it in the mill of an ancient castle. Go on imagining, pour the ripe wheat in the millstone and see stones slowly move until flour slides out of the sieve, as long ago. Now imagine combining that flour with a mountain source's water and watch this mixture running without waste through a bronze wire ­drawing. Now pick up pasta and arrange it with attention in order to slowly and at low temperature dry it, as tradition wants.

You don't need to imagine, this is the reality of Val d'Orcia mill. We work in this way and we hand down from one generation to another techniques and most genuine and past tradition. Before being pasta craftsman we are farmer and this create a different and unique product. We take care of all production cycle from the beginning to the end! In our pasta there is our land, our work and our passion!



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