Pici di farro - Mulino Val d'Orcia



Ancient Wheat Pasta from the Unesco Site of Val’D’Orcia. Organic spelt pasta, stone milled flour, bronze-cutted


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Pici are a typical pasta of southern Tuscany similar to spaghetti but larger, contain the smell and taste of the Sienese countryside. Pici, ancestors of spaghetti, have deep roots in history and are a food of great interest since the time of the Etruscans.

Produced with organic stone milled flour inside our farm mill, bronze extruded and slowly dried at low temperature. Our pasta is an artisan product, extremely porous, with its characteristic amber color and unique taste!

Our pasta made with spelt stone milled flour, is more rich in fiber and minerals than the industry pasta industry, more balanced and has a lower glycemic index.

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